About Round Top

It has become our obsession to shop the Antique Show. There are times during the show we feel are better for selection, quality, and price. We’ve compiled our best tips from the experience we’ve had as shoppers and vendors. We hope this guide will help you travel through the exciting event that is created twice a year.

Dates and Times:

  • The Antique shows are held twice a year in the Spring (end of March, beginning of April) and the Fall (end of Sept, beginning of October). They span over a three week period with approx. 60 shows on an eleven-mile stretch of Hwy 237 in Round Top with smaller shows in neighboring towns.
  • Every show is different and offers each there unique style. Most open by 9:00am (however some open even earlier) and close around 5:00pm (or stay open until the last shopper leaves)
  • Some shows have specific hours, primarily the shows with paid entry fees.

Refer to these links for Show Dates


Looking for the Best Deals

Our recommendation is come EARLY!! We shop every show and love it. We have a booth at The Round Top Vintage Market in Round Top and are always adding new items to the guesthouse and barn.

We shop early to get first choice, even while some dealers are unloading off their trucks. It may not seem you would be getting the least expensive price in the beginning as you would waiting to the end of the show, but in some since you are. We have seen items change dealers from the beginning of the show to the end of the show several times and each time it exchanges hands it becomes more expensive. So not only do you get first choice, but also less expensive. Most vendors pack up after each show and move on to the next so they are not inclined to drop price to get rid of items at the end. Some do drop prices at the end though to acquire different items.